Brenden Morrow, Kimmo Timonen know time is running out …

From Yahoo Sports: TAMPA — Brenden Morrow and Kimmo Timonen are this year's Old Guys Who Haven't Won a Stanley Cup Yet as the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks battle for this season's NHL title. ... When the 2013 trade deadline approached and it was clear Dallas wouldn't be re-signing their long-time captain, he waived his no-trade clause for a deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins, who were eventually swept in the Eastern Conference Final ...

Protect Your Investment With These Tips On Trisuit Care

Triathlon suits are expensive and in order to make them last, you need to know these basic care steps.After all, you rely on your wetsuit to keep you warm and it relies on you to keep it clean and protected.

The first thing to learn is how to put your suit on properly. Because the suits are designed to fit so snugly putting them on can be a difficult task. Before you begin be sure you have trimmed or covered your nails so you do not accidentally tear or puncture your suit. Ok, now you will begin by entering the suit feet first and then slowly working the suit up your body until you reach the hips. Once you have reached this point make some adjustments so that the front and back fit right.

Next, slide your arms into the sleeves, take care to make sure the suit is bunching up around the shoulders. There will be an internal back flap that needs to rest and lay flat against your back. Then ensure that the collar flap is laying flat. You may need to make some final adjustments to ensure the suit fits right around your torso, arms and upper chest. Make sure the triathlon wetsuit is stretched in all the right places for maximum movement.

Now that you are done with using your suit for the day, it is important to take a few extra steps to ensure your triathlon wetsuit lasts for many years. Washing your suit right after use is one of the most critical steps in after care. Salt and chlorine can build up and slowly weaken the neoprene material. Hang your suit up with a padded hanger to prevent any creases from being created. We want to avoid making creases because creases will enable water to leak into our suit. Likewise; keep your suit away from direct sunlight and heat whenever possible since those two elements can also weaken your suit.

If you follow these outlines steps on caring for your suit, you will keep it in superior shape. In return your tri suit will continue keeping you warm and help you compete in many triathlons to come.