The Best Adrenaline Rush Sport In The World

In the world of professional sports, ice hockey is the most physical sport that is played. No other sport can provide the adrenaline rush sports enthusiasts get when they catch an ice hockey game. Canada has the most number of supporters of ice hockey, but the united States sees its fair share of action as well. There are a handful of teams that play in the National Hockey League that is based in America. The Detroit Redwings is the most notable and awarded teams from the US. Patrons of the Redwings tickets is not only centralized in the US region but also throughout Canada.

The reason why the popularity of the team has transcended borders of these two countries is because of their great performances on ice. The most recent Stanley Cup last 2010 was won by the Redwings. When their performance is to be compared, they are the third over all in the entire league. In the United States, the team is at the top of the list. Each of the Redwing tickets that were sold for the games of the Redwing have been worth every penny spent on it. The team has won 12 Stanley Cups in total. A total of 25 Championship titles have been won by the team for the Conference and Division championships.

Being the best team in the US meant that the demand for the Redwings tickets would be high. Rightly so, ice hockey fans go through such lengths to get their hands on a ticket to the games of the famous team.  The traditions popularized by the team is another reason why people flock the stadium aside from the great performance of the team.

The most interesting and popular tradition of the team is the tossing of the octopus. This was first seen during the 1952 Stanley Cup game. A fish monger threw an octopus on the ice to signify luck. As luck would have it, the team triumphs that season and won the Cup. Since then, the act of throwing an octopus on the ice became a part of the redwings home games. Despite its popularity, the tradition has its fair share of detractors. The management of the NHL tried to end the practice of throwing octopus on ice. A compromise was created between the two which made the octopus throw be done only in the entrance of the zamboni.

The loyal fans of the team have been enjoying both the games and the tradition they witness on the games of the Redwings. More people are enjoined to become fans of the team after witnessing the team in action. A few seasons more and the Detroit Redwings would be dubbed as the best team in the entire NHL.