Easy Ways To Keep Mini Nfl Helmets In Good Condition

Collecting affordable sports memorabilia such as mini NFL helmets is a cool hobby. But just as everything else in a popular sports memorabilia collection they are inclined to to collect dust and look dull after some time. Here are a few methods to keep them looking mint.

For Viewing Purposes Only
They say prevention is better than cure. How very true it is in this case. Keeping your set of mini NFL helmets away from sweaty hands can save you a lot of effort from removing countless fingerprints off of them later. It is not only the fingerprints you have to worry about but also the other chemicals that come a long with it.

Human hands make contact with hundreds, if not thousands of different chemicals daily. Most of these chemicals might not seem harmful in low quantities but can be quite corrosive over the years. These chemicals can ruin the finishing and also the paint job, devaluing your NFL merchandise.

It would be advisable if the sports merchandise could be shielded from sun light and florescent lighting as well. Exposure to ultra violet rays can lead to the colors losing their luster. So always keep your cherished popular sports memorabilia collection in an acrylic or glass display which is covered with a UV limiting tint. The will help prevent your sports merchandise from coming into contact with chemically laced hands and also prevent the paint job from deteriorating.

Cleaning And Touch Ups
If your collection of affordable sports memorabilia, be it logo coffee mugs or awesome belt buckles, is exposed to potentially corrosive then its is very likely that you should consider cleaning it now and then. Before starting the cleaning procedure, always remember to check if the merchandise has a tag with cleaning details. Sports items such as NFL replica jerseys usually come with washing instructions. If it does not then just follow these simple tips.

First inspect the mini NFL helmet for any dirt or scratches. Remove dirt with a soft brush or lint-free cloth. Avoid wiping or brushing too hard or you will scratch the product. If there is a scratch but the damage is not too serious, you could use light polish to polish off the scratch. If the damage is too serious then you might have to consider sending the merchandise in for a professional detailing job.

If there are no visible scratches, proceed to clean the merchandise with a mild detergent. Refrain from using strong solvents or powerful cleaning chemicals. Using such products could be detrimental to the paint job. Be extra careful near the logo areas as some symbols are stuck on and not sprayed on. Then, rinse the product and towel dry. Lastly, use a buffer cloth to finish the job. You can use the same method to maintain regular NFL football helmets and other similar sports head gear also.